FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               

January 17, 2013

Oh Great, Another Boring Press Release!

Have you heard about Spotless Swing®? Probably not. We're a small company, and we only make one thing: The best freaking golf towel you'll ever use. 

How will Spotless Swing help your golf game? Will it:

  • Get you on the PGA tour? Doubtful. It's a towel, not a magic wand.
  • Keep your clubs, gloves, and grips clean and dry? Absolutely. That's what it does.
  • Get you out of bunkers and tall grass? Yeah, right…
  • Take strokes off your game? Sure, if you use it. Clean clubs allow for better accuracy and further drives; and from what we hear, those are good things.
  • Make you look cool? No, but it may distract from those ugly pants and that sweater vest you're wearing.

Spotless Swing is just a towel. A really cool towel with special features for cleaning and drying you and your golf equipment. It won't save your marriage because you forgot your anniversary while you were out on the course; but it will help out your game, which will make you happier and more pleasant to be around, which may in fact save your marriage. Okay, it might just save your marriage. 

Come by booth #2926 at the PGA Merchandise Show and meet Scott, the owner of BrightSpot Solutions® and Inventor of Spotless Swing. He'd love to engage you in some riveting towel talk, and have you take home a free sample, so you can see firsthand how great Spotless Swing really is, and how it can improve your dismal golf game. 

Can't make the show? That's a shame; but fear not, because Scott can send you a Spotless Swing in the mail to dry those teary eyes. Only the media gets them free because you all write great stories about Spotless Swing which helps us sell towels. Yep, that’s what we want to do, we sell towels. You media people are special to us because you have a lot of influence to help a small company like ours grow, and get the word out about our really cool golf towel...

So go ahead and write about us; put us on the cover of your magazine or make us a feature story; share with the world your story of how one simple golf towel saved your golf game...and possibly your marriage.